Pokemon Go: The New “Go Snapshot” Feature Is Live – Photograph Your Favorite Pokemon In Real Surroundings

Niantic has just revealed that Pokemon Go fans can get all excited because they’re able to enjoy a new feature that’s called “Go Snapshot.”

The new feature will be using augmented reality (AR) tech in order to allow trainers take photos of their favorite Pokemon in real sceneries, let’s say you’re in the mall or at the local park – you’ll be able to snap your favorite Pokemon right there in the real location.

The feature is finally live and Android powered-smartphone owners can start enjoying it on the spot.

Go Snapshot feature

The brand new feature has just been released via an OTA update and currently, it’s only available on Android-powered smartphones.

It’s not sure at the moment what’s the exact data when Niantic is planning on rolling out the feature to iOS users as well, but we’ll keep you updated.

More than that, Niantic said when they were asked about this that trainers on other devices should stay tuned.

Beating a level 5 or higher trainer

The only requirement besides using an Android-powered phone is to beat a Level 5 or higher trainer.

After you’ve accomplished this, you’ll be able to throw a Pokeball out in the world and summon your favorite Pokemon so that you can take a picture of it.

Niantic has also added some new emotes to the Pokemon so that they can truly interact with real-life objects. They’ll also have various positions and this means that they’ll be able to pose in more angles.

This is far from being a mind-blowing new feature but we do have to admit that it’s pretty fun to have.

We can’t wait to see the Pokemon Go communities getting flooded with tons of pics of Pokemon out there in the real world just doing their thing. It’s going to be really fun!

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