3 Clash of Clans Tips To Help You Dominate The Game

Undoubtedly, Clash of Clans remains one of the most popular video games for mobile devices. Clash of Clans, which an online multiplayer real-time strategy game, is attractive, interactive, and enjoys a vast database of fans. To help you dominate the game, here are three Clash of Clans tips for you.

Clash of Clans, launched by Supercell in 2012, is a free game, available for both Android and iOS. However, it packs lots of in-app purchases that offer many resources for the gamers to help them level up faster.

Whether you’re buying resources or not, the following three tips can help you get an edge over the other players and dominate the game much more comfortable than without applying them.

3 Clash of Clans Tips To Help You Dominate The Game

Aim for Spoils of War

When you’re victorious in a battle, you get resources that would be handy when you upgrade different stuff like your buildings or troops. Clash of Clans features the following resources:

  • Gems – Highly valuable resources that are useful to speed up construction of buildings and troops, as well to boost other in-game resources;
  • Gold – It helps you upgrade critical buildings such as your Town Hall. Also, you need gold to search other gamers to raid for supplies;
  • Elixir – It is the primary resource for training and upgrading troops and spells;
  • Dark Elixir – Is useful for training troops, as well as for upgrading DE troops which will be unlocked later in Clash of Clans;

Earn More Gold and Elixir

In Clash of Clans, there is only one way to evolve – get more resources and upgrade your buildings and troops. To do that you need gold and elixir which you can earn from collector buildings, by raiding other players, or from the single player goblin map.

Do Not Upgrade Your Town Hall More Than Necessary

It might be tempting for Clash of Clans players to upgrade their Town Hall more and more to get the wanted troops faster than before. That’s a mistake on the long run, and those gamers who do that will pay dearly. On the other hand, the best practice is to update everything possible for your current Town Hall level and then to upgrade it to a higher level.

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