Beta Version of Electra and Sileo with Exciting News for the Jailbreak Community

Recently, the jailbreak community received some exciting news. Devices running an OS starting with iOS 11.0 to the 3rd beta version of 11.4 can become a subject for jailbreaking thanks to the new tool released these days.

The team working on performing the mentioned process can now start using Electra 1.1.0. This time, things will go easier and faster because the Electra update comes to support the preview of what will the new Sileo package manager bring.

The updated beta version of Electra shows some useful improvements

The announcement about the new release came through social networks. According to the team that worked on the new beta, Electra 1.1.0 comes with some improvements and better reliability and stability after the jailbreak is performed. The recent version comes with updated APT and new dpkg Sileo package.

Also, it splits Cydia into a base and a GUI package, so it can be installed next to Sileo. In addition, the vfs exploit is more reliable, occasional data abort kernel panics and freezes that would result in them are fixed.

On the other hand, the Cydia store is closing, so the Electra team had been working on a replacer for Cydia for some time. However, they announced their intention six months ago, hoping that this move will be beneficial for the jailbreaking community. Now, we realize that their hopes are high for the Sileo package; this tool is considered to be a suitable ”Cydia replacement”.

The news about Electra 1.1.0 is accompanied by some information about Sileo. Its designer used Twitter to mention that the tool is almost ready. Most likely, it will replace iOS 11 devices, but there are voices who claim that it can work within iOS 12 as well.

The Sileo package is still under development, so we don’t know what it will bring. However, a beta preview is available for those who access the default Electra Repo. Furthermore, the official website says that Sileo is actually an APT Package Manager dedicated to jailbroken devices that run iOS 11.

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