Easy Guide to Using JioTV on Your PC

Reliance Jin has recently entered the telecom industry but the young company is already changing things from the ground up. In order to attract new customers the company began by lowering lower prices in comparison to the competition. When people started to subscribe the company released a selection of complementary apps and services like JioTV, Jio Magazine and Jio Money among others. They come as a bonus paired with base Jio services.

The JioTV app has been particularly popular among Indian users. Those that download the app gain access to a selection of more than 600 live channels that offer a wealth of content ranging from news and entertainment channels to dedicated kids and educational channels, offering something for every member of the family.

Android users can easily find and install the app on the Google Play store.  But there are some that would like to use the service on larger devices like their PC or TV. While some may opt to install an Android emulator in order to make use of the app but the company has great news for everyone.

The company has recently increased the accessibility of the service by launching a web version of JioTV. The service should be compatible with most browsers and you can get it up and running in no time by following the guide featured below.

  1. Visit the official JioTV website
  2. Sign-in by entering your Jio ID or email and password.
  3. Those that do not remember their data or don’t have an account will be redirected to the main Jio website where they will be able to create an account or recover their password via SMS.
  4. You will be now able to use the new password and sign-in on the JioTV website.

The website offers and clean and accessible interface. Since the service does not require a Jio SIM in order to work you can simply log-in with an account shared by your family or friends.

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