A New Dragon Age Title is in Development

Four years have passed since the last Dragon Age title was released. Dragon Age: Inquisition was well-received by both players and reviewers, refreshing the hit series and staying true to its roots at the same time. Players took the role of an Inquisitor charged with saving the world from total annihilation.  They are the only beacon of hope and order in a land ravaged by war and turmoil ad it is up to them to decide how the events will play out as they have the power to transform their wish into law.

The series began with Dragon Age: Origins which was released back in 2009. The masterful mixture between traditional roleplaying elements and action combat coupled with a memorable story and setting made it an instant hit among players. BioWare allowed players to role-play the protagonist of the game according to their wishes as they are able to be either a generous leader or the cruelest Gray Warden in the history and everything in between.

Dragon Age 2 added many improvements to the core recipe and received many positive reviews but players didn’t seem very impressed with the title due to a lackluster story and linear gameplay.

Many hoped that the series will be continued at some point but as BioWare seemed to focus on Mass Effect, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Anthem the future of the series looked quite insecure.

The situation changed during The Game Awards when BioWare revealed a teaser trailer for the next Dragon Age trailer. The cryptic trailer shows a grim visage along with a voice that teases the player and the mention of an elusive Dread Wolf. It is likely that the game will continue the story of Dragon Age: Inquisitor, which ended with an interesting cliffhanger.

It is expected that the new Dragon Age could restore faith in the studio after the disappointing experience offered by Mass Effect: Andromeda. The release date is unknown but the game is still in the early stages of development and it is expected that at least two years will pass until it will be published.

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