Empires & Allies: Attack Range and Best Strategies

In order to improve your Empires & Allies strategies, you need to learn certain tips. We have listed the most useful things that you need to know about the game. Let’s take a look at the tips and strategies that will help you win your battles.

Keep in mind the attack range of your defenses

When you are organizing your base you should take into account the attack range for your defenses. They should all cover at least one part of your HQ and other important buildings. You can move them and the white circle will indicate their attack range.

It is recommended that you place each tower in North, East, West and South. As you continue to evolve you will be able to use other defenses as well.


The HQ and other important buildings should be fully protected. You can use walls to protect your headquarters. Make sure that your HQ is completely safe, as rivals will win half of the battle if they manage to destroy the HQ. You can also upgrade your walls, but remember that the upgrade cost will be bigger than the initial cost.

Keep distance between defensive buildings

It is important that you don’t place your defensive buildings too close to each other. There are attacks such as A-10 which could destroy two defenses at once if they are too close to each other. Make sure that you place domes and towers on all four corners, but with enough space between them.

Make sure that they are not too far away either. They should be relatively close to the headquarters, otherwise your opponents might deploy their force in the center of your base, which would allow them to destroy your HQ.

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