Clash Royale: Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Better

We’re here to give you some tips on how to be great at this game. It’s not that hard, you just have to know some little secrets.

Tips for beginners

Always try to balance mix among your units. You don’t have just to take strong units (which, by the way, cost a lot of elixirs), but also try to include some weaker ones too, preferably, the ones that regenerate quickly, as well.

Don’t panic if your opponent puts you under a lot of pressure, or if you lose a tower. You might lose if you act hastily.

When there’s only one minute left, don’t put all your units forward. You might want to pay attention to the fact that towers and the King’s Tower are protected.

First, you might want to use giant and ranged troops. Then keep doing it, until the first tower is yours. Then, go on the defensive and just wait to see what the opponent wants to do and what are his next moves.

For those of you who have reached level three, you might want to use prince tactics. The player sends a force that can deal with a lot, and then use the price. Then, keep using this tactic until the enemy is defeated.

Some deck tips

For playing this game, you don’t need only great tactics, but also a very good deck. Keep in mind that there’s no perfect deck or perfect tactic. All you have to do is to be balanced.

You should get units that are fast, and units that do good against air units. Also, don’t forget about tower-destroying units.

You should choose cards that fit your fighting preference. If you want to keep it strong, choose units that move quickly. If you prefer defensive tactics, choose units that can withstand damage.

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