Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day Event: When Will It End and What to Expect

Another Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day event has arrived this year and it brings to the game a couple of pink-themed creature spawns for just a limited time. We’ll share with you everything you need to know about this event, including the time when it ends. Let’s take a look at what we should expect from the new event.

Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day: What bonuses can you get?

In case you are curious about what this year’s Valentine’s Day event will bring to Pokémon Go, take a look below to see what you can expect:

  • Players will have an increased chance of hatching pink-colored Pokémon from Eggs;
  • There will be increased pink-colored Pokémon spawns;
  • 2x Candy from catching Pokémon;
  • Fans can expect to see some pink-colored Pokémon being added to Raids, such as Luvdisc, Porygon, Chansey, Lickitung, Snubbul, Miltank and Slowbro. There will also be increased chances of seeing them;
  • 6 hour Lures

Time-limited Field Research available during the event

Players can also expect some time-limited Field Research during the Valentine’s Day event. This is what has been confirmed so far:

  • Valentine’s Day: players who catch 20 Luvdisc will get a Chansey Encounter reward;
  • Valentine’s Day: players who manage to catch a Chansey will receive a 3 Rare Candy reward.

These two quests are actually connected, which means that catching 20 Luvdisc will get you a Chansey, which then should complete your Catch a Chansey quest, and that will get you the 3 Rare Candy reward as well.

When will the Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day event end?

The event has started on the 13th of February and it will end on the 21st of February. Here are the exact times when the event is expected to end worldwide:

  • Europe: 10 pm CEST
  • UK: 9 pm BST
  • East Coast US: 4 pm EDT
  • West Coast US: 1 pm PDT

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