The Sims 4: Get Famous – What’s There To Know?

Just like any other The Sims game, The Sims 4 keeps getting updated, and we cannot be thankful enough. We’ve had 5 so far, and we got new skills for our Sim, extended neighborhoods and more colorful cities. We’re about to meet The Sims 4: Get Famous. You’ll be able to become a star.

What’s new about this upgrade?

This feature lets the sim follow a career in show business. You’ll have to go to auditions, on sets to shoot your next movie, and you’ll also be forced to keep your popularity high, by making the most out of social media and exclusive friendships. You might even have to take selfies from time to time, as your followers need to stay numerous.

It’s all a satire

It’s a clear thing that The Sims 4 wants to keep up with the modern society, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot do it without laughing a bit. It’s kind of a satire of what our lives are in present, but in a more friendly way and without taking it too serious.

They come with new places for us

The action will be placed in a new area, called Del Sol Valley, which is a reinterpretation of (yep, you guessed right). Hollywood. It has all of its pros and cons. To audition some of the roles, you’ll have to learn or simply improve some of your Sim skills, like improving their speech and sense of humor. After your sim passes the audition, it’s shooting time. You can follow your Sim on set, but it’s not necessary. However, it’s very interesting to see the very first simulation game that’s dedicated to the movie industry.

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