Google Play Store Update: Is It Worth Downloading New Apps?

Google Play Store has been plagued with malicious apps that have placed the store in the spotlight a lot recently. The latest findings that have been published a couple of…

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See Wi-Fi Passwords on Android – Administrator Access and Network Key Applications

As we all know, we sometimes forget our passwords, we are humans, it can happen. But if you don’t save your password in a notebook or somewhere else, what can…

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Google Maps app

Google Maps App Not Talking In Android? You Can Fix That

Have you ever relied on Google Maps to find your way around a place, or get to a destination, only to find that the app isn’t talking to you or…

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Gmail Not Receiving Emails In Android [SOLVED]

Gmail app on Android is just a mail client whose only job is deliver emails from the server to your device, so there shouldn’t be too many potential issues with…

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Google Backup

Google Backup Not Working [SOLVED]

Once you have a Google account, there’s so much you can do with your Android device like using Google Backup to back up your device once the phone data is…

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