Android Q Beta 4

How to get Android Q Beta 4 On Xiaomi Phone

You can get Android Q beta 4 on Xiaomi phone as its now available, but soon other compatible devices will get it too. Its no longer the reserve of Google…

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Android Critical Warning: Google Play Store Apps Can Break Your Phone

There’s another issue related to the Google Play Store these days. Android owners were alerted just a couple of days ago that some Google Play Store apps can break their…

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GPS Issues On Your Android Phone

How To Fix GPS Issues On Your Android Phone

Are you having GPS issues on your Android phone? Maybe its taking too long to get a lock, making it hard for you to navigate and you’re looking for fixes…

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Slow Android Phone

How To Make A Slow Android Phone Faster

Unlike a new Android phone that gets everything you want done in a jiffy, a slow Android phone can be quite a drag. What you’d do in a few minutes…

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Google Maps Expands Its Features – See What’s New

Google Maps is expanding its features. After running the limited tests in the US and elsewhere, according to Engadget, Google Maps is rolling out these new features: speed limit warnings…

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