Mark Zuckerberg Reportedly Ordered Facebook Management To Switch Their iPhones With Android – Facebook Denies Rumors

Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly told Facebook Management to ditch their Phones and get some Android phones instead.

The request comes after Tim Cook criticizes Facebook

Android Police says that The New York Times announced that this happened right after Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized the ways in which some companies use customer data in order to make cash.

Cook reportedly commented this during an interview with MSNBC. He said that “Apple was “not going to traffic in your personal life,” and that to Apple privacy is a “human right” and a “civil liberty.”

As you probably have already imagined, these quotes came amidst Facebook Cambridge Analytica data-sharing huge scandal which involved 87 million Facebook users’ data being shared with the analytics company.

Android Police also reports that The New York Times said that Zuckerberg later ordered the company management to use Android phones instead of iPhone.

Zuckerberg’s apparent reasons

His reason was that more Facebook users are on Android rather than on iPhones. In other words, they could better understand their users’ experiences.

This might be even true considering the Android’s market share and Facebook’s global popularity.

This is not even the first time when Facebook makes such a decision.

Back in 2015, the company’s chief product Chris Cox told some Facebook employees to start using Android phones to that they would understand better how the service works on the platform.

If this were not the actual motivation, we probably would never get to know the real one, but at the moment this seems quite a viable reason to switch phones.

Facebook outage hits users 

Facebook was recently in the spotlight again when an unknown number of users have been disconnected from the social media website for a short amount of time on, November 12.

Some users who tried accessing the popular social network have been shown a broken error message that read “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it, and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.”

UPDATE: According to, Facebook denied the story. 

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