Dark Mode Extends Battery Life In Android Smartphones, Says Google

Android smartphone owners can start enjoying longer battery life on their devices if they use the dark mode, says Google.

The tech giant confirmed this at the 2018 Android Dev Summit, and the company announced that dark mode extends battery life in Android devices.

Enabling dark mode saves battery life

It’s a known fact that lighter screens lead to fast battery drain and now Google offered more info on this claim and explained the relationship between enabling dark mode and saving battery life.

It seems that the screen’s brightness increases a smartp[hone’s power usage and Google revealed that a Pixel smartphone which uses an AMOLED display could reduce power consumption by 63% when it’s using Google Maps’ night mode compared to the normal one.

Google also said that blue uses the most power – about 25% more compared to green and red.

The tech giant also confirmed that at maximum brightness, black barely uses up a smartp[hone’s charge, especially when compared to displaying white on the screen.

Google also admitted that they made a mistake during the past year because its Material Design initiative pushed for the usage of white and it encouraged developers to choose white as the primary color for their apps.

It’s true that Material Design’s baseline these looks very clean, but the white elements cause smartphone batteries to drain faster.

Dark mode arrives in Goole apps for Android

The good news is that dark mode has already started to arrive in Google apps for Android and recent examples include  Android Messages, Google News, and YouTube.

The apps get updated looks to bring them in line with Material Design 2, and part of the initiative is the release of dark modes.

Besides extending an Android smartphone’s battery life, the dark mode might also be easier to look at compared to black text on white background.

You should definitely give this a try and activate dark mode for your favorite apps if the feature is already available.

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