Google Lets You Pair Bluetooth Headphones To Android Devices Easier

We all know that Bluetooth headphones are sounding much better today than they did a while ago.

On the other hand, they can sometimes still be quite annoying to pair to multiple devices.

There’s a relatively low number of headphones that allow you to be paired to multiple devices and even when this is possible, users will still have to go through the whole pairing process with each and every one of the new devices.

Pairing your Bluetooth headphones with more devices 

Apple was the only tech company that’s made it much easier to pair your Bluetooth headphones with multiple devices.

The Next Web details that you can tie Bluetooth headphones with its W1 chip to users’ Apple ID to allow them to automatically work across users; Apple devices and only team.

“W1 is custom Apple-designed silicon. In addition to standard Bluetooth 4.1 streaming and advanced power management, the chip adds a host of key features unique to the AirPods, including balancing all of that sophisticated syncing with the sensor inputs,” CNET noted.

New functionalities for Andoird devices

Now Google implements similar features on Android devices as well. It is reported that the Chromebooks are next.

It looks like accessories that have implemented the company’s Fast Pair protocol will be tied to users’ accounts, and they’ll be able to work on any of the users’current devices that are running Android 6.0 or higher. Support for Chromebooks is coming in 2019.

Fast Pair devices are still pretty rare, but naturally, Google says it’s working to implement the protocol on more headphones.

Anyway, these new pairing abilities will not be solving all of your Bluetooth related issues.

For instance, you will still not be able to sync the headphones tour Mac or PC.

The Next Web believes that there will be probably more people will want to sync headphones between their laptop and phone than between multiple Android devices.

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