Elder Scrolls: Blades – Early Access, Unexpected Review

If you think about all the main elements that Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series has managed to become so popular for, you would probably include things like freeform character development, an open world, hundreds of NPCs with all kinds of exciting backstories, and also the freedom that allows you to go anywhere and do anything you want whenever you want.

IGN writes that, on the other hand, The Elder Scrolls: Blades doesn’t have any of the things that we listed above and that made the original game so loved by players.

Not as good as expected 

This is quite a decent mobile RPG, but it’s reportedly not a good Elder Scrolls game.

This game feels similar to a collection of typical mobile game mechanisms with just a shallow coating of the original Elder Scrolls, as the online publication mentioned above puts it.

“It’s got the signature beauty in its world design and at first glance could be mistaken for sections in Oblivion or even Skyrim, but it lacks any of the depth that made those games so special,” they write.

Blades topped App Store with 1 million downloads 

At the end of March, we were reporting that Bethesda’s fans received great news.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades became available in early access on both Android and iOS, and fans could not have been more excited.

Even though this free-to-play mobile game was announced by the developer for the first time during the E3 2018, its release date has been delayed.

Blades was expected to be launched in the autumn of last year, but instead, it managed to arrive in early 2019.

Blades managed to top the App Store with one million downloads after its early access launch.

But now, as a conclusion, it seems that Blades is indeed a visually impressive mobile game and the satisfying combat offers variety. But other than this, it’s a repetitive adventure and a “watered-down” version of the original Elder Scrolls.

For some spoilers head over to IGN’s original article.

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