The Clash Royale League 20 Win Challenge Is Back

The Clash Royale League’s Season 2 is drawing close, and according to the latest reports, the path to pro is back with the 20 Win Challenge.

Every gamer who will successfully complete this challenge will be entering the very next round – the online qualifiers.

The top players will have their player data sent out straight to the teams who are taking part in the CRL. It also seems that completing the 20 Win Challenge will also give players access to the WCG Royale online qualifiers.

Sk-Gaming reveals that there’s a lot in store for any aspiring pro player with lots of opportunities that are coming from achieving the coveted 20 wins.

“Are you one of them? Are you wondering what deck might give you the best chance to succeed? Our pro player Morten ‘Morten’ Mehmert is here to help you out by sharing one of the decks he’s planning to use in the challenge,” Sk-Gaming posts.

Cycle as many miners as possible 

It seems that according to Morten, the win condition in this deck is the Miner with cheap cycle. Users will have to try to cycle as many miners as possible.

With the Hunter, players have a sufficient ground and air target card, so they have cheap cycle cards.

The Bandit, on the other hand, has some pretty neat synergy with the Miner, and in orde to punish opponents, players can use the poison as the spell for both defense and offense.

The website says that players should also use the Ice Golem in order to kite the enemy troops or to defend the Hunter so he can get more value.

Bats will also be working great in defense and offense as well, and they can reportedly become a viable alternative attack to the Miner Poison combo while the Miner tanks for them.

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