Guide: Brawl Stars 16.167 APK – ‘Siege’ Tips and Strategies

Supercell’s latest popular game, Brawl Stars has received the last update on 27 February, reaching version 16.167. This update brought a lot of new changes, such as a new game mode, new maps, game balances, and a lot more!

The latest update also announced the introduction of a new Super Rare Brawler called Carl. For now, this pickaxe wielding brawler is not yet available, but it should arrive in the first half of March.

What we do get to play right now is the new game mode, called Siege. Let’s see what happens in Siege and what are the best strategies you could use to win.

Siege: Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

Everyone was waiting for a 3v3, and we finally have it. Each team has a base, and the goal is to destroy the enemy’s home base. However, to do that, you need to collect ‘bolts’ in the map to construct a robot called… ‘Robo,’ which will enter and destroy the enemy base. If you haven’t yet tried this game mode, you should know that it lasts longer than other games, but you do get double rewards – 2 x trophies and 2 x XP. Siege also comes with three new maps.

Now on to the tips and tricks for the new Brawl Stars game mode.

First of all, you must collect bolts, and if your team has more bolts than the other, you win the Siege which takes place every minute or so. The siege begins with Robo attacking the enemy base. You must help it push into the enemy base and keep them away, so they don’t shoot it.

If you’re on the losing side during a siege, shoot the robot and try to stay alive. You can even block it and distract it from pushing into your base. You will die, but at least your other two teammates will shoot it from behind. Of course, you will get your chance to start a siege, so expect the game to go back and forth. Whoever gets to create two robots can easily win.

If you can make a kill in a second or two after the enemy picks up a bolt, you can steal it! So think about a team composition that will keep the other two enemies occupied.

A good choice of Brawler would be Jessie or Pennie as they spawn an automated turret that can effectively attack Robo and other players. You could also get Barley, Dynamike or Spike for damage in a larger area.

You can sideload Brawl Stars 16.167 APK from the safe APKMirror website.

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