The Sims 4 Latest Add-On Is StrangerVille: Event-Driven Mysteries Revolving Around A Storyline

After a few cryptic tweets coming from Maxis staff members, tweets which Polygon even calls “terrifying” it seems that the upcoming additions to The Sims 4 is called StrangerVille.

Welcome to StrangerVille

The StrangerVille is reportedly a game pack “which means it’s not a full expansion pack like December’s Get Famous or a stuff pack like Laundry Day. Game packs focus on new experience thematic content, such as The Sims 4: Vampires and The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure,” according to Polygon.

StrangerVille, on the other hand, will reportedly be more story-driven than the other game packs, and it will feature event-driven mysteries revolving around a storyline.

What StrangerVille brings new

Just like most of the game packs, StrangerVille will reportedly bring some new outfits, bomber jackets, lab coats, prairie-themes dresses.

The town of StrangeVille will also bring brand new locations for your Sims to check out.

Polygon even mentions a potential teleportation machine which we have to admit that would be pretty awesome.

Similarities to Strangetown 

Gamers who are already familiar with the Sims franchise will probably recognize StrangerVille as a callback to The Sims 2’s Strangetown.

That particular neighborhood which has been originally featured in The Sims 2 main game had an Area 51 feel to it, as Polygon puts it and it features alien families, a mad scientist and also a black widow.

More than that, Strangetown has also been featured in a lot of The Sims 2 handheld games, especially The Sims 2 for PSP which boasted a storyline filled with “wacky cults,” alien abductions and also secret military bases.

Now, StrangerVille seems that it will be preserving this strange feeling.

In other news, there’s been spotted a trend amongst The Sims 4 players, who seem to have started being passionate about building really tiny houses. In fact, it looks like there is a whole community of fans who enjoy creating these small houses.

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