There’s a Huge Community of Tiny House Builders Developing in The Sims 4

Lately we’ve noticed a trend amongst The Sims 4 players, who seem to have started being passionate about building really tiny houses. In fact, it looks like there is a hole community of fans who enjoy creating these small houses.

The Sims players are quite innovative

Players who want to build tiny houses must choose smaller and smaller footprints and since this is no easy task, they must use cheats and tricks to create something so small. Thinking about it, it takes quite a bit of knowledge about The Sims 4 to build such places, so the players who choose to do so must be pretty skillful. You can take a look at how a tiny house looks like right here:

Why would anyone want to design a small house when you have endless possibilities?

But now the question is, why would someone want to design such a tiny house? Especially in a game? Is there an explanation behind this? Could it be connected to the fact that in our modern times, people are often forced to live in small, crammed places, so maybe this is something that we’re slowly getting used to? Or maybe it’s just a fascination towards places that look tiny and cute? Or it could simply be just a challenge for those who want to see what they can achieve by designing a small place to live in. After all, as we’ve mentioned earlier, it does take some skills and quite a bit of experience playing The Sims 4 in order to figure out which items to pick out for each room or corner of a tiny house. Not to mention the choices you need to make in order to adjust to a small house. Players must know very well the building tools from The Sims 4.

So maybe that’s all there is to it – the challenge of trying to fit a whole life into a tiny place. Nevertheless, in our opinion, the tiny houses look pretty nice and creative (and luckily, we don’t have to live in them), so we’d definitely like to see more of them in the future.

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