Best Clash Of Clans 2019 Tips & Tricks: Resources, Storages And More

Recently, we have debated the incoming quality of life improvements in Clash of Clans.

After that, it was quite a big surprise to see a new update going live one day after being announced.

Apart from the quality of live improvements, the Clash of Clans team has also tweaked some of the Defenses and Troops in an attempt to balance the gameplay, which are now live in the game, as you can see in their Twitter post below:

Best tips and tricks for 2019 

Now, here are the best tips and tricks for 2019 which will be really useful for the game enthusiasts.

Getting more resources

First of all, we’ll address how to get more resources. You may think that getting more resources faster involves raiding enemy players.

This is true indeed, but it’s also important to know that this comes with risks.

Enemy players can have massive defense and more than that, attacking an enemy leaves your base open, so it’s not always the best approach. Instead, try and gather your own resources via gold mines, elixir pumps and dark elixir drills.

Upgrading the storages

Whenever you are building a new village you may forget to upgrade your storages and this is essential.

Spending some resources in order to upgrade storage will definitely be worth it. They will be able to house more resources than usual and this is really important in the game.

Don’t break the shield

The Clash of Clans shied will help keep the village protected from enemies for a limited amount of time.

This can easily be broken if players decide to attack and it’s important to remember that this is never a wise decision.

Instead, it’s recommended that you take advantage of the shield’s full duration to keep your village protected for as long as possible.

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