Clash of Clans Update Comes With Quality of Life Improvements and More

The latest update brought by the Clash of Clans team was back in January at the beginning when we saw the bat spell balancing changes. However, with all the events we have seen so far, it took our minds off updates and new content, until we spotted the blog post announcing quality of life changes and more.

According to the team, the update seems to be huge, and it does not only bring improvements and tweaks but also with new things to come in the future:

[…] Before we start discussing what the core of the update will be, as we’ve done in the past, we wanted to share a growing list of Quality of Life improvements that will be coming in the next release.

Their list of improvements contain the following tweaks, and the team promised to update us on the next additions. Let’s see what we should expect in the next update.

Clash of Clans Update Brings Quality of Life Changes

  • X-Bows, Inferno Towers and the Eagle Artillery are said to reload for free automatically once the player re-logs into the game. Spring Traps, Bombs and so on will also re-arm once you re-log into the game. So, to reload the ammo, you must log into the game if you don’t want to run out of ammunition. Dead bases will have their defenses unloaded.
  • The button for the Magic Item inventory is moved from the Clan Castle, and you will find it in the Town Hall/Builder Hall. This way, the team thinks that the Clan Castle will look less cluttered and players will be able to see the Magic Item inventory in Builder Base.
  • When you accidentally donate a Goblin or a Wall Breaker or any troop, you can ask the co-leader or the leader of the clan to delete that troop from the Clan Member that received the donation.
  • Builder Suggestions also gets improved, and now players can scroll through all the suggested buildings.

The Clash of Clans team also added that they would continue to add more quality of life improvements and asked players for feedback on the CoC subreddit.

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