ESL And Supercell Team Up And Announce Clash of Clans World Championship With Huge Pool Prize Of $1 Million

Clash of Clans was recently in the spotlight after the latest reports that the game doesn’t provide as much revenue as it used to.

Supercell has posted that its profits and sales are falling for the second year in a row.

$1 million Clash Of Clans World Championship

Supercell and ESL teamed up in order to produce a $1 million Clash Of Clans World Championship.

After they made some pretty big waves in mobile sports with 2018’s Clash Royale League, developer Supercell decided to team up with ESL to make this championship possible with a huge prize pool of $1 million.

Essential details on the championship 

Here are more important details. The online pre-qualifiers will begin on March 1 through both the ESL Play and within the Android and iOS strategy game.

The top four teams will be chosen from each platform, and the total of eight teams will then compete in a monthly offline qualifier at a new arena in Katowice, Poland.

Six World Championship Final teams will be gradually pulled from those monthly events.

Esportsobserver notes that the additional teams will get selected by Supercell and the Clash of Clans community of course.

The online publication notes that the World Championship Final will be held “at one of ESL’s mega-events in Germany on the big stage in front of a live audience” later this year, says an official release.

The matches will be played in a new 5v5 team mode.

Prize money numbers 

Clash of Clans is the original mobile game that later managed to trigger the making of Clash Royale.

According to Esports Earning, just $1.6 k in total prize money has been awarded for Clash of Clans until now.

On the other hand, it seems that Clash Royale had a more gradual competitive ramp-up with events at a smaller scale before the last year’s $1 million inaugural Clash Royale League season.

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