How to Get Better at Clash of Clans (Tips and Tricks)

Clash of Clans is a highly popular mobile game that has been around for a couple of years. What’s great about Clash of Clans is that despite its age, the game is constantly improving and it gets better with every new update. This is why some players have a difficult time keeping up with all the latest strategies that can help them defeat all their enemies. With that said, today we are going to present a bunch of tips and tricks that will turn any newcomer into a skilled player overnight.

Get Better at Clash of Clans

  • Resource Collectors and Storage Units

The first thing that we want to touch on is that the main goal of all Clash of Clans players is to build as many resource collectors and storage units as they can. Having access to plenty of resources is key to creating a big village and an army that will help players take over enemy villages.

  • Learn When Resources Will Arrive

Gold and Elixir are the two most important resources of the game and the cool thing about them is that their cycles are predictable. They always arrive at the same time and therefore, learning their spawn cycle will make the difference between a good player who builds a village fast and a regular player who is always out of resources.

  • The Town Hall Has Priority

The fastest and simplest way to get access to new units and all other types of “goodies” is by leveling up the Town Hall. Therefore, we advise all Clash of Clans players to invest resources in the Town Hall so that they always have access to all the latest units and buildings.

  • Don’t Leave Gaps

The last tip that we have for Clash of Clans players is to never leave any gaps between their village’s walls. Enemies can sneak through those gaps and take down important buildings.

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