Brawl Stars: Insane Boss Fight Tips & Tricks

The Boss Fight in your favorite game, Brawl Stars can be tough, but with the right technique and team, you will be able to succeed.

Twinfinite brings the best tips to get successful in the game.

First of all, the fight will unlock after you get 300 trophies and it pits you and two of your teammates against a giant robot. Each time you will kill the boss he’ll become stronger.

More stages of the boss

His stages are normal, hard, expert, master, and eventually insane.

As you can imagine, with each one of the new stages, he’ll become more skilled and more difficult to kill due to the complex abilities that he’ll have.

He’ll also flaunt “a new furious mode which grants him extra damage and speed and spawns much harder enemies. He will also be able to break walls,” the online magazine describes.

It’s also important to note that the longer the fight goes on, the stronger the boss will become.

Damage the boss early

This is why it’s essential to damage him as much as possible early. You should also remember to dodge and heal when you’re low on health.

Twinfinite also describes the members of your team and what they are focusing on, so make sure to head over to the online publication and see the detailed explanations.

Another fundamental aspect when you’re fighting the insane boss is to get to read his attacks.

The online publication explains that “The rockets he drops are marked by a giant circle that you should quickly dodge. His charge and missile attacks always come after a pause and a red flash around his body. Whenever you see this, make sure you aren’t in front of him.”

Closing words

If you’ll keep the required tips and techniques in mind and make sure that everyone in your team is doing their job flawlessly, you will eventually be able to defeat the insane boss and remain in good shape.

It might be difficult, but if it weren’t, there would be no fun in Brawl Stars.

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