Getting Free Gems in Brawl Stars is Easier than you have Expected

Free gems in Brawl Stars – How to get them?

Gems are offered by the game in exchange for real money. For example, you will need to pay $1.99 for 30 gems, $4.99 for 80 gems, and so up to $99.99 for 2,000 gems. However, if you spend more, you get bonus gems. If you spend $4.99 you get 80 gems while spending ten times that amount, $49.99, you get extra 150 gems. In addition to this, Special offers packs are also available for purchase, but you need to reach level 5 for those to be unveiled. For example, the Mega Box will be available at the price of $1.99 which will provide you with +80 Gems.

You can get the Brawl Box and Mega Box for free while playing Brawl Stars

One way to get gems is to pay for them with real money. However, an additional way would be to get them for free opening Brawl Boxes. This lucky boxes can be found in different sizes, but for the standard one, you will need to get 100 tokens or get into the trophy Road. In addition to this, if you spend 80 Gems, you will receive the Mega Box for free. Is it worth it to spend 80 gems just to get such a box? You might ask yourself that question. Probably not really but there is still a chance of 9% for that box to give you some gems. Aside from gems, if you open a brawl box, you can also get Coins brawlers, event tickets, power points, token double and many more. It all depends on your luck and how often you open one of these boxes.

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