WhatsApp Has A Consistent 10-Year History of Security Issues, Telegram Boss

Popular social messaging app, WhatsApp has a succession of security issues since its inception, Telegram Boss Pavel Durov says. The Russian entrepreneur added his voice to the mounting criticism over…

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WhatsApp Dark mode

How To Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode in Chat

The impending WhatsApp dark mode feature has got users excited as they finally won’t have to endure eye strain from the bright screen as they use the messaging app. WhatsApp…

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WhatsApp Dark Mode Latest Beta 2.19.139 Progress Update [Screenshots]

Need WhatsApp Dark Mode for your chats? Dark Mode is all the rage right now, what with so many apps from Gmail to Brave browser, and others introducing the feature…

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Nordvpn Keeps Forgetting My Login On Android [SOLVED]

NordVPN is a security and internet privacy VPN app that helps effortlessly secure your connection whether on public WiFi or if you just need to keep your identity hidden while…

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Google Maps

Google Maps Hidden Feature Lets You Save Your Parking Location

Have you ever parked your car somewhere and then after a few hours later, you don’t have the slightest clue where you left it? This happens to the best of us,…

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