waiting for wifi

Google Photos App Waiting For WiFi? Get The Fix Here

Have you tried backing up your pictures to Google Photos app when connected to WiFi and found that it didn’t actually back them up? You probably even set Google Photos…

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ios 11 calculator

iOS 11 Calculator broken on iPhone? Here’s the fix

Whether you’re using an iPhone 5S or iPhone X, if it runs iOS 11.1 through 11.1.2, the iOS 11 calculator app may not keep up with calculations owing to a…

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Google photos

Google Photos Showing Blank Photos [Full Fix]

Google Photos is a popular app for its convenience as you can easily and quickly get access to your photos and other media files from any device, in just one…

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Google Maps app

Google Maps App Not Talking In Android? You Can Fix That

Have you ever relied on Google Maps to find your way around a place, or get to a destination, only to find that the app isn’t talking to you or…

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Gmail Not Receiving Emails In Android [SOLVED]

Gmail app on Android is just a mail client whose only job is deliver emails from the server to your device, so there shouldn’t be too many potential issues with…

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