brave android dark mode

Brave Android Dark Mode – Here’s How To Turn It On

Finally! Brave Android Dark Mode is here. For a long time now, since the introduction of its Android platform, Brave, an open-source web browser has been getting calls to release…

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Google Pixel Phone

Faulty Google Pixel Phone Owners To Get Up To $500 Payout From Google

If you own an original Google Pixel phone, here’s some good news for you. Google agreed to pay the owners of faulty Pixel phones, following a class action lawsuit brought…

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Google News Notifications

Google News Notifications: How To Disable Them On Android

Are you getting those random, pesky Google News notifications that keep popping up throughout the day? Even worse is when it’s one story that always shows up on your notifications…

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Huawei Y6 2018: Can I Install Apps From Google Play Store On SD Card?

If your Huawei Y6 2018, or other Android device has little storage space, one of the most common ways you can make room for more apps is uninstalling others. However,…

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Google Play Store: How To Remove Bloatware From Your Android Device

Android phones often come with loads of pre-installed apps commonly known as bloatware, from manufacturers and carriers. If not used, these apps clutter your system, or end up draining your…

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