Google Play Store

Google Play Store Stuck On Google Play Waiting For WiFi [FIXES]

For Android users, it’s almost impossible to operate their devices when they find Google Play Store stuck, especially when updating and downloading apps. The two are among the most important…

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Google Calendar

Google Calendar Not Syncing – How To Fix It On Android

Google Calendar is used by many people especially to sync their personal and business calendars together, but sometimes it just doesn’t sync up and it can get very frustrating. When…

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Google Backup

Google Backup Not Working [SOLVED]

Once you have a Google account, there’s so much you can do with your Android device like using Google Backup to back up your device once the phone data is…

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Screen Not Working Right

How To Fix Screen Not Working Right On Android

It may have slipped and fallen, or you just noticed the screen not working right on your Android phone within moments of using it, you still need it to work…

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Unplug Charger

Fix Unplug Charger Message on Google Pixel Phone

When you get the “unplug charger” message on your Google Pixel phone, it could mean one of two things: either the charging cable or the USB-C port is heating up…

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