iPod Touch Frozen

iPod Touch Frozen? Here’s How To Reset It

When you find your iPod Touch frozen, the first thing you may want to do to try and fix it is restarting it. A reboot, restart or reset solves several…

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delayed messages in WhatsApp

Fix Delayed Messages in WhatsApp

One of the common problems that people using WhatsApp report is when they get delayed messages in WhatsApp, usually after being offline or issues with internet connectivity. This affects the…

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Google Maps Offline Feature

How To Use Google Maps Offline Feature In Android

Google Maps is one of the popular apps in Android owing to its user-friendliness and cool features. One of these is the Google Maps Offline feature, which comes in handy…

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YouTube videos not playing

YouTube Videos Not Playing – Causes And Fixes

Do you find YouTube videos not playing on your device? There are few factors at play such as the size of the videos vis-à-vis the internet connection, or pages not…

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GTA 6 Latest Leak About Release Date, Location, And PS5 Exclusivity – Is The Source Trustworthy?

There have been years and years of speculation, but finally, there seems to be some GTA 6 info available which also has credibility. A leaker who has correctly predicted the…

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