iPod Touch Frozen? Here’s How To Reset It

iPod Touch Frozen

When you find your iPod Touch frozen, the first thing you may want to do to try and fix it is restarting it. A reboot, restart or reset solves several problems, the same way you’d restart your computer as it shuts down running apps, clears memory, and your device boots up afresh.

There are different types of resets though, so you need to make sure the one you need fits your situation with your iPod Touch device. We’ll show you how to do this using the troubleshooting steps below, which apply to all iPod Touch models from 1st to 6th generation.

Fix iPod Touch Frozen

Reboot iPod Touch

If your iPod Touch is freezing up or you get constant app freezes, among other problems, you can restart or reboot it using the steps below:

  • Press sleep/wake button on your iPod Touch until the slider bar appears reading Slide to Power Off
  • Release the sleep/wake button and move the slider to the right
  • The iPod Touch will power off and a spinner will appear and disappear as the screen goes dim
  • Once it’s off, hold down the sleep/wake button again
  • When the Apple logo appears, release the button and the Touch will boot normally

Hard Reset

If the iPod Touch is so frozen you can’t reset or reboot it as in the first fix, try a hard reset or force restart. It’s more extensive and you should only use it where the reset doesn’t work. To do this:

  • Hold down Home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously
  • Don’t release them even after the slider bar appears
  • The screen will flash and go black, so the hard reset is underway
  • Next, the screen will light up again and the Apple logo will be displayed
  • Release both Home and sleep/wake buttons and allow the touch to finish booting up

Perform a factory reset

This is a last resort kind of reset that restores your iPod Touch to factory settings. It doesn’t fix the iPod Touch frozen issue, but deletes all data and restores your device to its original state when you first bought it.

You can factory reset if you want to remove data, sell your device, or the issue is so serious that you have no other choice than to begin again from scratch.

If none of these help you, contact Apple support or go to a professional and certified Apple expert for further assistance with the iPod Touch frozen issue.

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