Pokemon Go Field Research Quests: Everything You Need to Know

We all know that if you want to progress in this game, you have to stay on top of the Pokemon Go Research Quests, which means that you need to complete missions for rewards and bonuses, too. They are split in 2: Research Breakthroughs and Field Research.

Field research items come from Pokestops and very randomly. If you complete the missions, you can get to the Research Breakthroughs, that come with more rewards that get changed in time.

Field Research:

Field research is those missions that you need to collect when you spin PokeStops. Each one of these gets one specific field research mission every day. You can complete as many as you want, and the rewards are different, depending on the quest you get. You might want to complete at least one per day if you want to go towards the research breakthrough.

The quests range and they allow players to go through all the aspects of the game. Field research quests will ask you to battle in a raid at some point, battle in the gym or hatch Pokemon eggs; sometimes even to catch a certain Pokemon type – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Some tasks give you items as rewards, some give you a rare Pokemon encounter (let us remind you this is the only way to catch Spinda).

The quests get changes monthly, so at the end of one month, Niantic will replace the old quests and rewards with new ones. Sometimes they can replace quests, but keep the rewards. It depends on the month, and you need to stay tuned for those. There a certain theme for each month (August 2018 had Raikou as a possible reward, and other electric Pokemon; December 2018 got a blast-from-the-past kind of event, with certain legendary Pokemon coming to the picture.

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