Pokemon Go: Picking The Best Team For PvP Trainer Battles

Pokemon Go enthusiasts have already received the great news that The PvP mode is now available.

Niantic started to roll out the Trainer Battles for level 40 players not long ago, but they became accessible really quickly for players as low as level 10 as well.

This seems to be the permanent minimum required level for the mode, as The Verge revealed.

Everyone knows that battling is fun, but there’s something even more fun than that – winning, of course. In the world of Pokemon, winning involves picking the right team and Forbes details some elements that you will definitely want to consider.

Three main elements to consider 

The online publication brings up the type coverage at first. This is all about what your Pokemon is weakest against, strong against and how these elements balance each other. it’s a combination of the Pokemon’s type and its attacks.

Forbes says that when you are considering “type coverage” you should be thinking about both your attacks and weaknesses and also think about your team of three.

The Total Damage Output is another thing brought into discussing. This is abbreviated as TDO, and it’s a “hybrid state of Attack, HP, and Defense, and it measures how much damage a Pokémon can output before fainting. It’s less important in Raids, where the biggest enemy is the time limit, and raw attack power is usually your primary concern. But it’s much more important in PvP, where outlasting your opponent becomes a viable strategy and defense all of a sudden matters again,” according to Forbes

The last but not least, definitely, important thing that the publication brings up is the league that you are in.

The Master League is the easiest from a mental point of view. Higher-CP Pokemon are better.

The Ultra and Great leagues cap the CP at 2500 and 1500, and this will significantly increase the number of viable Pokemon. And the lowest CP cap will be the most annoying when it comes to team composition. You can read the complete details explained by Forbes here.

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