Niantic Rolls Out Pokemon Go’s PvP Trainer Battles – The Minimum Required Level For The Mode Is 10

Trainer Battles have been awaited with excitement for a very long time by Pokemon enthusiasts.

The PvP mode is now available, and Niantic started to roll out the Trainer Battles for level 40 players not long ago, but they became accessible really quickly for players as low as level 10 as well.

This seems to be the permanent minimum required level for the mode, as The Verge reveals.

For the most part, players will have to be in the very same location as their rivals in order to battle them either through the friends’ list or a QR code-scanning feature.

You will also be able to remotely battle players with whom you have achieved the status of Best or Ultra Friends as well.

More than that, it’s also worth noting that you will be able to practice against AI-controlled team leaders.

Earning in-game rewards 

The Verge also writes that battling against human players has an advantage because it can earn players in-game rewards which include the Sinnoh Stone which is desired by everyone.

This allows you to evolve various pokemon to their powerful final form and the feature has been recently introduced as a part of the fourth generation. It’s also great that you can earn rewards up to three times a day.

Niantic hints at future features of the Community Day events

This comes after Niantic, Pokemon Go’s developer, has just dropped some pretty essential hints regarding the future of Community Day events.

Just ahead of the January 2019 Community Day reveal, Niantic posted a brand new blog in which it was offering their gratitude to fans for all of their support.

Among others, the blog post reads “In the past twelve months, more than 100 million Trainers have come out to play during these special three-hour events.”

Niantic also hinted at extending the reach of Fest and Safari events.

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