PUBG Gets Released On Sony PlayStation 4 With Exclusive Features From Uncharted, The Last of Us And More

PUBG is finally launched on PlayStation 4. The game’s multiple versions have been released at various price points in India. Talking about exclusive items, PUBG PS4 will come with PUBG PS4 Pixel Art parachute.

Times of India announces that players will have to log into the game in order to receive the PlayStation inspired iconic blue parachute.

Uncharted and The Last of Us items

There’s also going to be a Nathan Drake desert outfit from one of the most loved PS4 games, Uncharted. Elite’s Backpack from The Last of Us, PUBG avatar and PUBG Miramar theme will also be present as exclusive items.

The multiple versions of the PUBG PS4 come with four editions: Disc Edition, PUBG Looter’s Edition, PUBG Survivor’s Edition, and PUBG Champion’s Edition.

The arrival of PUBG on the PS4 managed to end the Xbox One’s exclusivity to this game.

Players will be able to purchase the prepaid India PS Store card for the moment.

Just ahead of its launch, the PUBG developers have revealed complete map details that have been coming with PS4 of the game on their official blog post.

The blog post also includes various editions of the game together with their pre-order bonuses and also exclusive items.

Previous preparations for the launch

PUBG developer Bluehole revealed more about the PS4 launch a while ago:

“When we first started developing PUBG for the console, the game was released as a beta, meaning stability was something we worked very hard to address. After a long beta phase and feedback from the community, optimization and stabilization became key for us.”

He explained that “It was quite the challenge for the dev team to juggle our focus on stability while trying not to delay content that our community had been asking for, like newer maps. But this was a challenge that we were willing to take on. While we’ve grown considerably since our initial introduction on consoles, user experience and stability will always remain a pivotal aspect of our development.”

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