PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Goes Live Today: Deathmatch Mode & Godzilla Theme

The new PUBG update has the number 0.13.0, and it will reportedly have a download size of 1.98GB for Android and 2.45GB for iOS.

According to BusinessToday, the update will bring Team Deathmatch mode to EvoGround and MVP showcase system, along with many more goodies.

PUBG Mobile starts rolling out the update

The PUBG Mobile starts to roll out the update in India today via Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The same online publication mentioned above noted that yesterday, there had been spotted a server maintenance problem, but now the maintenance is over and the servers are back online.

This update is scheduled to land in phases, and it will not be available on the spot for everyone, so don’t freak out because it will eventually get to you.

On the other hand, if you simply don’t have the patience to wait for the stable update, the beta version can be easily downloaded from the PUBG forums as well, but we totally recommend waiting for the stable update.

The changelog has already been published on the PUBG Mobile site, and it reveals the changes that will be made.

What to expect

This update will bring the Deathmatch mode to the game, and this will be joining the Survive Till Dawn mode under the EvoGround section.

In the Deathmatch mode, “players will form teams and fight to get to 40 points. The first team to get to the magic figure will win the match,” according to the same online publication.

The update also gets the upgraded third-party app prevention system, and also enhanced detection of cheating behavior via the Virtual app, modifiers, and emulators.

The update also brings the Godzilla theme in collab with the latest Godzilla movie. The MVP showcase system is also included, and every player in the game will get a default “MVP pose The top 3 players in Classic mode, or the MVP of the winning squad in TDM will be featured.”

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