Boom Beach 37.125 Update Brings Real-Time PvP Combat and Many More Features

Supercell is the world’s most successful developer when it comes to mobile games and there is no doubt about that. This game publisher is behind popular titles such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. However, those two are no the only successful games that Supercell has launched. Supercell has also created Boom Beach which has been downloaded by nearly six million people on the Google Play Store alone.

What’s great about Boom Beach is that in typical Supercell fashion, the mobile game is updated on a regular basis with new features, content and bug fixes. In fact, the reason why Boom Beach is making headlines today is because Supercell has just started rolling out a new update.

Boom Beach 37.125 Update

The latest update for Boom Beach sports the 37.125 version number and it is being rolled out via OTA (over the air) channels right now. This is a major update and we are advising all Boom Beach fans to download the new update ASAP (as soon as possible). With that said, let’s go ahead and check out all the new features that the new update brings to Boom Beach fans.

New Features

  1. The update introduces Real-Time PvP Combat;
  2. A new way to dominate enemies with the Warship Leaderboard feature;
  3. Added a new “Tech Tree” feature that gives players more options when building Warships;
  4. Added more rewards for players who grind the Ranks;
  5. Players are now allowed to change their in-game name in exchange for Diamonds;
  6. Players can now obtain a bunch of new “Mega Crab” Legendary Trophies.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

As we can clearly see, the new update for Boom Beach comes with lots of exciting features. However, we also want to mention that the update introduces a handful of bug fixes and software improvements as well.

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