New GTA 6 Launch Date Rumor: Fans Will Love This Update

GTA 6 is definitely one of the most exciting titles that gamers have been expecting for quite a while now. The gaming space is flooded by all kinds of leaks and rumors that are popping up all over the place and these trigger tons of excitement among users.

But which are them are plain rumors and which ones will turn out to become reality – this remains to be seen and at this point, we can only speculate.

Fans are waiting for the release of this massive title for PlayStation and Xbox and they’re getting all excited about the game’s launch even if Rockstar has not confirmed anything about the release of the game.

We won’t be seeing an official announcement anytime soon, judging by the way things are looking at the moment, that’s for sure.

The latest GTA 6 rumor

Now, is making GTA 6 enthusiasts go crazy with a new, fresh rumor about the game.

The online publication writes that there have been a lot of GTA 6 rumors which emerged in recent weeks and these claim that the new game could be out next year as a timed PS5 exclusive.

It seems that Sony has paid a ton of cash to get “one month’s worth of exclusive rights to make GTA 6 a launch title for the next PlayStation.”

This claim popped up on Pastebin, and it’s interesting to note that the site was home to another GTA 6 rumor that made some other eye-catching claims.

The latest, unverified rumor alleges that GTA 6 will be set in multiple cities and will only be out on next-gen consoles, according to the latest reports coming from

The online magazine writes that the story will be set in Liberty City and Vice City as well. As you know, this is the setting for the first two GTA games from back in the day. You can read more in the original article.

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