Clash of Clans 11.446.24 Update Drastically Reduces the Upgrade Times for Buildings, Units and Spells

There are some popular mobile games and then there is Clash of Clans. This mobile game was released back in 2012 and despite that, millions of new players are creating accounts every month. This shows to us that Clash of Clans has stood the test of time and that its gameplay is so fun that it keeps drawing new players in even though nearly a decade has passed since it was originally launched.

The secret behind this mobile game’s success is the fact that Supercell is constantly rolling out new updates. These updates usually aim to improve the gameplay stability and they do this by introducing software tweaks and bug fixes. However, there are some more important updates that introduce new features and this is exactly the kind of update the latest Clash of Clans 11.446.24 release is.

Clash of Clans 11.446.24 Update

We have some amazing news to share with Clash of Clans today! The mobile game has just received a new update and it comes with lots of new features. However, we do need to mention that this is an APK update which means that the only Clash of Clans players who can get their hands on it are the ones who manually install it after enabling the “Unknown Sources” option.

Awesome New Features

As previously noted, this is a high priority update that comes with lots of new features. Therefore, we want to present the patch notes for the update so that all Clash of Clans fans see all the game changes and new features that they will be able to access after installing the new update.

  • Season Challenges (a new game mode that gives players the chance to earn incredible rewards);
  • A new Hero Skin that is being rewarded at the end of the month to players who finish the season with a Gold Pass;
  • Faster upgrade times for buildings, troops and spells.

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