Why Games Can Be Good for Your Mental Health

Video games have always gotten a bad rap. From games such as GTA being blamed on violence to game addiction classified as a mental health disorder, it feels like to many parents who have childrenand are thinking of getting them a Switch, gaming is something they should avoid like the plague.

However, gaming in moderation can actually be good for your mental health, despite what some detractors may say. Obviously, if someone is gaming 12 hours a day, that is a problem, but an hour or so of gaming a day can be beneficial for one’s mental health and you can look here for some great game ideas as well. Here are a few reasons why.

Good for Anxiety and Depression

Now, if you are spending your time holed up in your house and playing Fortnite all day, this isn’t good for your depression. However, occasionally gaming can be a way to distract yourself from your anxiety attacks or your depressive symptoms. Indeed, distracting yourself for a bit can help you, and a good game may improve your mood, which is always important.

Good for Your Memory

Games require a lot of memorizing. From memorizing the buttons needed to do a killer combo in a fighting game to memorizing where to go next in an open-world game, there is always something there to stimulate your memory. Stimulating your memory is good, especially as you get older. Perhaps the gamers, when they get old, will still be as sharp as ever.

Making Friends

Gaming used to mean that you had no friends, but thanks to the Internet, you can be able to make a lot more friends by meeting fellow gamers. Online games allow for interaction with other likeminded people. Meanwhile, gaming conventions and gatherings allow you to meet friends in real life, which is always a plus.

They Teach You To Persevere

Many gamers love challenging video games like Sekiro or the Dark Souls series. Games that require you to train, get better, and change up your strategy to defeat the boss are something that requires trial and error and patience. Someone can definitely take this idea and apply it to real life. A never-give-up attitude may be obtained thanks to gaming.

Good for Relieving Stress

You’ve had a long day at work, school, or you just feel stressed. Taking your stresses out on enemies in gaming can help you unwind and feel much better about yourself. Of course, some gamers get a little rage when they lose, but others may find stress relief in gaming. All depends on the gamer’s mindset and how they approach a game.

Games Tell Good Stories

Gaming has evolved from saving princess. Many games, especially RPGs, can give you a world with many developed characters, deep lore, and the chance to expand the world in sequels or DLC. This can inspire people to create worlds of their own and be creative. Of course, a game doesn’t need a story to be mentally stimulating, but it does help.

Seek Help

While gaming can be a good thing, it is not the cure-all for your mental health problems. If you’re suffering from anxiety, depression, or various other mental health problems, you may need to speak to a counselor. Especially if you have an addiction.

If you’re a gamer who does not like to leave the house, there are still options. Online counseling can help you talk to a mental health expert. Sites such as Regain are here to give you the mental healthcare you need.

So take out that controller or keyboard and play a great game without shame.

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