Clash Royale 2.7.1 Update With New Cards, Rewards and Game Modes is Finally Here

There are some mobile games that are fun to play in your free time and then there is Clash Royale. This mobile game is famous for being a blast and what makes it so special is the fact that Clash Royale is always improving. The mobile game is developed by Supercell and this game developer is renowned in the industry for always “cooking up” new updates that introduce exciting features and game-balance changes that keep the gameplay of Clash Royale fresh.

Clash Royale 2.7.1 Update

The latest update for Clash Royale was rolled out two days ago and it comes with lots of “goodies” that are giving veteran players a reason to come back for more and new players a reason to stick around. With that said, today we are going to take a closer look at the features that Clash Royale’s latest update introduces by checking out the patch notes.

Patch Notes

  • Introducing Trophy Road: the new way to play 1v1 in Clash Royale!
  • Earn Gems, Cards, Emotes and MORE on the Trophy Road!
  • New Game Modes: Dragon Hunt, Elixir Capture and Mega Deck!
  • New Card: Earthquake! Buildings will crumble under the might of this Spell!
  • Tap on News Royale in-game for the full update details – it’s a big one!

Exciting Features

As we can clearly see in the patch notes, the latest update for Clash Royale introduces lots of exciting new features. The best features are the new Trophy Road and the three new game modes. The awesome thing about the new Dragon Hunt, Elixir Capture and Mega Deck modes is not only the fact that they are giving Clash Royale fans new activities to do, but also that they are making it possible for fans to earn lots of rewards by playing them.

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