Clash of Clans Update Introduces New Season Challenges and Tiers

Clash of Clans is an ever-evolving game and Supercell (the game developer) is making sure to always improve the gameplay experience through regular updates. With that said, no one should be shocked to find out that a brand-new update for Clash of Clans has been released! To make things even better, the new update introduces two Season challenges that are rewarding skilled players with lots of in-game “goodies”.

New Season Challenges

Clash of Clans players should be happy to know that the new update introduces two new challenges. These challenges are fun to complete and they are giving players a reason to keep coming back to play the game while also making it possible for them to earn extra resources.

One of the challenges is going to be a daily one and thus it will refresh every 24 hours while the second one will refresh every seven days. Now, let’s check out which are the two new challenges.

  • The Silver Tier

Skilled Clash of Clans players who put in the time and work will be able to achieve the Silver tier. This tier contains lots of useful rewards such as magic items, tons of resources and options. To top it all off, the Silver tier also gives players access to the Season Bank which contains all the items that players have earned while raiding enemies.

  • The Gold Tier

The highest tier that Clash of Clans players will be able to achieve is called the Gold Tier. This tier offers a plethora of rewards including the ability to collect up to 25,000,000 gold or elixir and 250,000 of dark elixir! Players can also make “1 gem donations” in order to receive highly useful boosts for building, brewing, laboratory, and training time and cost.

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