Clash Royale: Get More Wins With These Top 3 Tips & Tricks

As fun as Clash Royale might be, no one can deny the fact that losing can be really annoying in all games. Since Clash Royale is a strategy game, there is a big difference between good players who can create a powerful deck combination and great players who spend time theory crafting the best ways to attack the enemy and how to defend. If you don’t feel like spending half your day figuring out new ways to defeat your opponents, then you arrived at the right place because today we are going to present the top three tips and tricks to getting more wins in Clash Royale.

How to Get More Wins

  1. Slow Pushes

The first tip that we have for Clash Royale players who looking to get better is start building pushes from the back. This works best with slow units such as the Giant which can be placed behind the King’s Tower. The reason why players might want to do this is because they will have enough time to drop support units such as archers near the river before the Giant starts taking damage from the enemy.

  1. Distract Enemies

One of the most fun tips that all Clash Royale players need to learn is how to distract enemies. Let’s say for example that the enemy drops a powerful troop which is heading towards one of the Arena Towers, then the best way to slow down that troop is to drop a cheap and expandable unit right next to it.

  1. The Final Seconds

Every Clash Royale match lasts for three minutes and we advise all players to keep their eyes peeled at the timer. The reason behind this is that during the last 60 seconds of the match, elixir will regenerate at double the speed.

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