Clash Royale – How to Build a Balanced, Yet Powerful Deck

Clash Royale has been around for a couple of years and the reason why the game is still topping the popularity charts on both the Google Play Store and App Store is because the game is always improving. Supercell is rolling out major updates to Clash Royale every couple of weeks and this makes the game fun to play. On the downside of things, the learning curve for new players is also steeper. This is where we come in because we have prepared a couple of useful tips and tricks for building new decks that we want to share with new players in order to help them get better.

#1 Balanced Deck

The first tip that we have for Clash Royale players is to create a balanced deck. It’s always better to have a little bit of everything in your deck because this means that players will always have an answer to any type of adversity they might be hit with. Therefore, combining splash damage units with long-distance weapons is a wise choice.

#2 Tower Destroyers

Since we are talking about balancing decks, we want to advise Clash Royale players to make sure to include units that can destroy towers in their decks. Having a Hog Rider who can leap rivers in the deck will prove to be really useful.

#3 Powerful Combinations

The best way to make sure that your deck is powerful and ready for any type of scenario is to get units that work great together. For example, players can use a Giant that soaks damage and place it in front of a balloon as a defense tactic. If the balloon is successful in getting to the tower, then the tower will go down in no time. A cool trick is to pair Hog Riders who are vulnerable to Swarms with Fire Spirits or Ice Spirits.

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