ESL Clash of Clans World Championship – The Latest Info On The Qualifiers Round

Clash of Clans enthusiasts could not be more excited with the coming of Spring.

Clash of Clans World Championship

Clash of Clans World Championship is scheduled to start this month. The action will reportedly continue for up to six months.

It’s been reported that starting off with qualifiers for this month, you will be able to register for free.

The ESL Clash of Clans World Championship will be offering a mind-blowing prize of $1 million.

This obviously means that the game’s fans should not miss out on such a highly exciting opportunity.

More than that, Sportskeeda reported that for the very first time, a 5v5 format would be introduced in the Clan war leagues.

Here are the latest details that every gamer needs to know, according to the official website.

  • March – August: monthly qualifiers at ESL studio in Katowice, Poland
  • Each month 4 top clans from the Clan War Leagues and 4 top clans from ESL Play will be invited to Katowice for the monthly qualifier
  • Winner of each monthly qualifier will earn a ticket to the World Championship final on ESL One stage

The first season of the ESL starts March 18th

The first season of the ESL begins on March 18th, and it will feature three phases with open qualifier play. It’s also important to note that the final round will supposedly be broadcasted by ESL as well.

Sportskeeda also reports that the game is about to receive some pretty impressive quality improvements via an upcoming update.

This was hinted at by the community manager Darian, says the same online publication.

The improvements will reportedly include a feature that will automatically reload your X-Bows, Inferno Towers and Eagle Artillery for free when you log back into the game. Traps (Springs Traps, Bombs, etc.) will also re-arm for free as well.

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