GTA 6 – Will the Game’s Story Take Place in Vice City?

GTA 5 was released back in 2013 and the game is still being played to this day. GTA 5 is an incredible game that revolutionized the gaming industry with its high-quality graphics, stellar storytelling and cool features. Therefore, the expectations and the hype for GTA 6 is super high. On the downside of things, Rockstar Games doesn’t want to reveal too much information about the game and all that we have to go on are rumors and speculations.

Rockstar Games is Hiring

Today we want to present a couple of theories of where the game’s location is going to be set in, but before we do that, we want to mention that Rockstar Games has started hiring new developers. This confirms to us that GTA 6 is coming and that the we might see an official announcement before 2019 ends.

Vice City

Remember GTA Vice City? This is one of the most popular games in the franchise and rumors are saying that Rockstar Games wants to bring people back into the 80s. Even though this is just a rumor, we can’t stop from getting hyped about it.

The Vice City map is amazing and the feel of it will make GTA 6 a blast to play. If Rockstar Games does decide to place GTA 6 in the Vice City universe, then we are finally going to see the Italian mob and rich kingpins make a comeback in the game’s story.

Secondary Locations

While Vice City is going to be the game’s main map and where the most important quest hubs are, Rockstar Games is also expected to introduce secondary locations where players can fly off to. These locations are believed to be in South America. This could open up the story to include quests such as smuggling illegal items over the border.

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