The Elder Scrolls VI to “Borrow” Fallout 4’s Base Building Features

Even though Bethesda has yet to release any information about the features that The Elder Scrolls VI will have to offer, this isn’t stopping fans of the game to come up with theories about what’s next. There are lots of interesting ideas about what The Elder Scrolls VI might have to offer, but the most plausible and exciting feature is the ability to build bases.

Building Features

The first thing that we want to mention about building features in The Elder Scrolls VI is the fact that Skyrim, the latest title in the franchise and also the most famous one, introduced homes. This feature was added in the Hearthfire expansion of the game and it made it possible for players to customize their houses.

Therefore, Bethesda introducing new building features in The Elder Scrolls VI is not such a far-fetched idea. Not only that, but Fallout 4 which is also made by Bethesda let players create their own bases from scratch.

Rule Your Own Kingdom

Can you imagine how awesome it would be if The Elder Scrolls VI did feature a base building like the one in Fallout 4? This would make it possible for players to create a small camp, then a village and eventually build it up to a kingdom. There is a limitless number of exciting quests that Bethesda could introduce in The Elder Scrolls VI in order to give players incentive to build massive kingdoms.

Moreover, giving players the option to create their own communities from scratch will make The Elder Scrolls VI replayable, similar to how Skyrim fans are still playing the game to this day. In addition, Bethesda showed with the release of Fallout 76 that it doesn’t have problems copying features from previous titles and therefore, there is a high chance that Fallout 4’s building system might be implemented in The Elder Scrolls VI.

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