The Elder Scrolls VI – The “Redfall” Theory

Bethesda messed up really bad with Fallout 76 which proved to be a buggy and unfinished game. Therefore, Bethesda needs to do everything in its power to gain the fans back and there is no faster and simpler way for Bethesda to do this other than to announce The Elder Scrolls VI. The latter is one of the most anticipated games in the world and the only thing that Bethesda wanted to reveal about it is that the game is in the development phase right now.

Since The Elder Scrolls VI is in the development phase and Bethesda doesn’t want to release any information about the game, no one should be surprised that the internet is buzzing with fan theories about the upcoming game. The most reoccurring and plausible rumor when it comes to The Elder Scrolls VI is the about “Redfall”.

The “Redfall” Theory

There are many who believe that the next The Elder Scrolls game is going to balled “Redfall”, similar to how The Elder Scrolls V is called “Skyrim”. ZeniMax Media is the company in charge of TESO (The Elder Scrolls Online) and back in 2014, it tried to patent the word “Redfall”.

Unfortunately for ZeniMax Media, the name was already registered by Jay Falconer who wrote two books with “Redfall” in the title. The books have nothing to do with the game franchise, but the name “Redfall” was not available to use freely. Jay Falconer wanted to share the copyrights to the name, but ZeniMax Media didn’t answer his emails and he had to call his lawyers to take action.

New Human Race

The theory says that ZeniMax Media was trying to patent the name in order to use it on The Elder Scrolls VI. If this proves to be true, then it means that Bethesda wants to introduce a new race of humans that come from the Yokuda island.

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