GTA 6: Rockstar Vice President Quits After 20 Years – The New Game Could Be Affected

Rockstar is still reticent regarding the subject of GTA 6 development. It seems that the sixth entry for this franchise could be delayed even more after the latest news.

Rockstar vice president leaves after 20 years 

It was revealed that Rockstar vice president Jeronimo Barrera had said goodbye to the studio after being with the company for 20 years.

He explained that the reason for which he took this decision is that he wants to “explore the emerging new tech that is revolving around the game industry.”

He also said that if he would have chosen to stay with Rockstar, “it’s likely that he’ll oversee the development of the studio’s most successful franchises, including the much-anticipated GTA 6,” Econotimes writes.

He also highlighted the fact that he is proud of what the GTA and Red Dead Redemption franchises have become so far and this is understandable considering that he’s been one of the people who spearheaded the success of these cool titles.

It’s not certain how Barrera’s departure will impact GTA 6

At the moment, it’s not very clear how his departure will affect the sixth installment or if it will do this in some way.

Anyway, considering that he has been with the company when they had only five people working for the studio, it’s pretty clear that his absence will be highly missed.

His leaving also comes after it was revealed that Rockstar is hiring more people to help develop a next-gen game which obviously people are certain is GTA 6. Rockstar has not confirmed anything so far.

Econotimes notes that “With “GTA 5” now over five-years-old, it’s fair to assume that the studio has at least spoken about the future of the franchise. This is especially true since it’s the most lucrative title that they’ve ever made.”

If the prediction that the sixth installment will come out sometime between 2020 and 2022, then its development must have definitely started by now.

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