Clash Royale – Top Three Most Clever Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for some clever tricks and tips that will help you become a better Clash Royale player overnight, then you arrived at the right place. We have checked out the top Clash Royale forums and gathered the top three most important tips and tricks that veteran players of the game want to share with newbies. Also, these tips and tricks are not exclusive to newbies because they can teach everyone something about the game. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Avoid Damaging the King

When the match starts nearly everyone tries to take down the king. Just like in all other types of games, taking down the king means that you win. However, Clash Royale players should make sure to never damage the king at the start of the match. There is no benefit of doing this because once the king is triggered, he won’t stop attacking your troops.

Bridge Combo

The first method of attacking that all Clash Royale players learn is to drop their units at the bridge and wait for them to attack. Well, this is not a wise offensive move because you will run out of elixir and your units will drop one by one. The best way to attack is to wait for elixir and then take the enemy by surprise with a scary combo of units by dropping them at the bridge.

Towers are Essential for Victory

The last tip for winning in Clash Royale that we are going to leave you with is also the most important one. Towers are some of the most essential units that players can use and therefore, we advise everyone to invest some resources in towers and to place them careful nearly the king. The enemy will have a difficult time reaching your king if the towers will not stop shooting.

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