Minecraft: Pocket Edition – Is it Worth Playing in 2019?

Even though Minecraft: Pocket Edition has been out for a couple of good years, the game is still a blast to play. The developers who created Minecraft: Pocket Edition put all their focus towards providing players with fun and creative gameplay and not on graphics. This is the reason why Minecraft: Pocket Edition has managed to stand the test of time. Nonetheless, today we are going to show you that this game is still worth to play in 2019 by presenting you with top five tips and tricks for Minecraft: Pocket Edition that you didn’t know before.

  • How to Dig Safe

Digging is the main thing that all players will do in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. However, there is a trick to making sure that you are always digging the right way. The first instinct is to dig straight down, but this is wrong. The best way to dig is to start going down and always in a zig-zag way to make sure that you have enough steps to get out in case you ever reach lava or get stuck.

  • Resources

What makes Minecraft: Pocket Edition so amazing is the fact that it lets players express their creativity by building stuff and this all wouldn’t be possible without gathering resources. Therefore, the top priority of all players should be to gather as many resources (wood, stone, sand, food) at every chance they get.

  • Build a Safehouse

The last tip on our list is to not invest yourself in a big home right from the start of the game. It’s better to build a simple safehouse that will keep you safe from monsters during the night while you gather enough resources to build something bigger and better. Additionally, you won’t care that much if the small safehouse gets blown up by a creeper.

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